For Reliable Unified Communications in Melbourne

The new technological advancements make it much easier to connect with other people. Taking advantage of this technology to upgrade both internal and external business communications can improve collaborative efforts and increase productivity.

Strengthen your communications methods to expand your business; invest in Soundwave Communications for unified communications system solutions and services in Melbourne.

What Is Unified Communications?

In a nutshell, a unified communications system is a framework for integrating different communication methods and tools together to enhance business collaboration and productivity. A given business usually uses different methods, including phone calls, instant messaging, video conferencing, and email. With the help of unified communication solutions, you can bring together all these disparate methods to “talk” on one unified system. 

Unified communications often come with helpful features that can make your work easier and more efficient. There is often plenty of overlap with communication features like team chat and interactive voice response systems to give you a higher level of interaction between departments. Easier communications are especially important when you consider workforces can be dispersed all over the world. With the help of a unified communications system, seamless unified communications allow your teams to communicate and access the same secure system. 

What Are the Benefits of Unified Communications?

Thanks to new technologies, there is often a staggering number of platforms for organizing workflows across different departments. Unified communication can simplify the task of uniting your workforce for stronger, faster, and more efficient cooperation. 

Unified communication systems provide users with a much more flexible and intuitive system to amplify operations. Using these systems can result in:

  • Reduced costs – Traditional telephony typically relies on renting analogue phone lines from a service provider. However, unified communications systems allow you to switch to a cloud-based system, eliminating those operating costs from your phone system. Implementing that cloud-based system is also a cost-effective move that can be installed with little difficulty. 
  • Improved customer service – When customers get in touch with businesses, they typically like to be connected with the relevant department right away. Unified communications allow the right people to be reached far more easily to solve customer problems faster. The system can also be set to tell you when colleagues are available, reducing the time spent on hold, improving customer experience considerably. 
  • Less administration – As a more centralized system, unified communication allows you to have one communications provider, streamlining your support needs. A unified system also has all its information centrally stored, making maintenance significantly easier and cutting down on administration time. 
  • Increased flexibility – In the case of traditional communications, sudden events can make collaborating with colleagues more difficult (for example, bad weather and train cancellations). Thanks to unified communication, it’s possible to coordinate with colleagues from home or in transit, making it easier to work together in the face of emergencies. The system also allows colleagues to communicate as easily as standing face-to-face, which can empower your workers and discuss projects far more easily. 

Look no further than Soundwave Communications if you need one of the most reliable unified communications companies in the industry. We have ample experience with the most cutting-edge communication tools and networks to help connect you with employees and customers alike. Give us a call at 03 8592 8600 for a trustworthy face in the unified communications industry. 

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