The rise of the Internet has changed the way people and businesses do things, including the way they communicate with family, friends, and business associates. The term cloud communications is synonymous with the process of communicating with others through the Internet and data-based services, and a third-party provider is typically used to work with such services. Providers who are in the business will help customers and clients with their private branch exchange systems (also known as PBX). The use of a PBX is to simplify corporate communications across the regularly used communication systems such as Voice over Internet Protocol, Integrated Services Digital Networks, and regular analog phone services. This article will examine why business owners should consider using Hosted PBX above all other private branch exchange systems.


Understanding Other PBX Systems

Before deciding upon using the Hosted private branch exchange, business owners should understand that there is another exchange system called the Cloud PBX. This system is similar to the Hosted system, with the significant differences being that the cloud system is billed per usage of the system and is scalable. With this system, the capacity for storage is limited and will be used up quickly by business customers. The cloud system is really not the most cost-effective solution for established businesses that have fixed employees, but that is a choice that each business customer would have to come to terms with. Other systems that exist are virtual PBX, premise-based, and hybrids of existing systems.


Using the Hosted System

For a business that is always on the move, a hosted system is ideal because the setup can be done quickly and easily, not requiring too much of a business owner’s time. The business customer with the hosted system will find it much easier to maintain the reliability and the security of their phone system, with the system being set up to ward off security breaches and attacks. With corporate espionage more prevalent than ever, this feature of the hosted system is critical to the success of the business organization’s integrity. Employees of the business customer will be able to access the hosted PBX from wherever they are via the Internet. This makes the PBX system user-friendly for those who need access.


Final Information about the Hosted System

Perhaps, the most outstanding part of a business customer using a hosted system is the money that will be saved overall. The budget for the information technology department will shrink rapidly because fewer professionals will be needed to install, maintain, and upgrade the system. However, not all hosted PBX providers are the same, and the business customer must ensure that the provider chosen is the right one for his or her organization. The provider chosen ideally will offer 24-hour service for the customer in the event of an emergency. The right provider will help the business customer to maximize the potential of the PBX system while using minimal resources to get the tasks done. This is something the business customer should discuss upfront with the potential service provider.


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