Most business owners have done the research and realised that moving to a hosted PBX offering VoIP is something that makes sense for their growth. However, there are some concerns related to this move. For example, many businesses have the belief that changing their phone provider isn’t always an easy process, and it is often believed that sticking with what is in place is best.

However, most businesses are overspending – significantly – if they haven’t yet switched to a hosted PBX with VoIP. That’s why making this move now is so important.

Here, business owners can learn about some appealing reasons to make the switch that they may not have realized.

Save Money with Hosted PBX and VoIP

In many situations, when a business compares traditional phone systems with landlines or the ISD lines (that are now defunct), they discover that by using a Hosted PBX that runs through VoIP, they can see savings of as much as 40%.

Usually, these savings are attributed to the fact that there aren’t any line costs charged and there is no need for there to be PBX equipment on every site for businesses with multiple locations. The savings are usually seen by the offer of free on-net calls, along with reduced call rates overall.

The Ideal Option for Scalability

Another benefit offered by choosing hosted PBX and VoIP solutions is that businesses, regardless of size or industry, have a system that’s able to be scaled with ease. The flexibility of these systems is unprecedented in the industry.

With several providers that design easy to use online portals to manage Hosted PBX platforms, it’s easy to add new staff to the system or even order new numbers for a new office. Another advantage is that the technical upkeep and maintenance needed for the system is usually provided by the service provider. This allows a business’s staff to always have access to support when needed.

A crucial decision to keep in mind when making the move to Hosted PBX is what provider to use. Be sure the company has the right features and strengths to serve the business’s needs now and in the future. Be sure to request customer referrals and look at online reviews before hiring a service provider.

The right service provider is going to make the process of moving to a Hosted PBX system with VoIP simple and hassle-free.


Finding the Right Provider

Soundwave Comm is a top provider of both VoIP and PBX service providers. The company specializes in providing service for both small- and medium-sized businesses. While this is true, the company also has the ability and bandwidth to work with larger corporations.

By offering unparalleled support unseen in this industry and the company’s continued innovations, the products can exceed customer expectations and ensure they remain a step above the competition. This service is crucial when any business is trying to build a business or grow their customer base, so it is a good idea to take this decision seriously to avoid any issues.

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