Today, Australian businesses have larger bandwidths accessible from the availability of new internet technologies that reach across the country. As a result, more businesses are starting to look to the future, and considering a cloud phone system, which is called Cloud PBX, Hosted PBX, or Virtual PBX, to replace existing traditional landlines.

With so many options for internet services, such as Fibre, EFM, EoC, and NBN being made easily accessible for most businesses, this can add to the confusion for business owners when making an informed decision on business communications. But selecting the right option sets a business up for a seamless migration to a cloud-based phone system and allows the benefits offered by enhanced reliability, additional features and cost savings. A Hosted PBX is a more practical and affordable solution for modern business communications.

How to Determine if Hosted PBX Is the Right Solution for a Business

If a business owner is trying to decide what phone system best suits their business and employee’s needs, there are several things to consider. One such consideration is whether or not they should invest in a Hosted PBX or if they should keep the traditional landline and PABX combination.

Another important consideration is where the business is physically located. There are many businesses located in somewhat rural communities. If the business owner knows the internet service here is relatively slow and unreliable, then opting for the Hosted PBX solution may not be ideal. As it’s necessary to have a reliable and good quality internet connection to use this effectively utilise a VoIP and Hosted PBX communication method.


It’s essential to keep in mind that there are many people and businesses alike who make the argument that traditional PABX systems along with landlines are a more reliable option than a Hosted PBX. However, there are also quite a few limitations to traditional PABX systems. For example, they usually have much less redundancy in place, have limited features and typically are not able to support multi-site businesses.

If a business requires more flexibility so that staff members can work from any location in the world, then the Hosted PBX solution is a perfect solution.

Another little-known benefit offered by choosing Cloud PBX is that the setup costs are significantly less than traditional business phone systems and have lower ongoing costs. If a business owner has a small business or perhaps an entrepreneur that is just starting, a Hosted PBX is the best solution that is much more affordable and less likely to strain the budget.

Is it the Right Investment for a Business Owner?

If a business owner in Australia is still thinking about investing in a Hosted PBX communication system and wondering if this option is the right option for their ongoing growth and success, contact the professional and knowledgeable team at Soundwave Comms. Business owners can speak with one of the friendly and professional staff members about the Hosted PBX solutions offered. Discuss how they can improve a business’s current telephony and how these telecommunication services will be able to save the business money upfront and in the foreseeable future.

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